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Services of Accu-Line Asphalt Maintenance in Edmonds, Washington

Asphalt Striping & Parking Lot Painting in Edmonds, Washington
Accu-Line in Edmonds, Washington, specializes in asphalt striping, parking lot painting, seal coating, and stenciling. In fact, when it comes to asphalt maintenance, we do it all!
New Surface Striping
Let our experienced professionals provide affordable striping services that you can count on! Using airless sprayers for accurate striping, Accu-Line offers a variety of new striping services for garages and new structures, even numbering the spaces.
Pedestrian Lane — Asphalt Maintenance in Edmonds, WA
Restriping Existing Surfaces
If the lines and markings on your concrete or asphalt lots or roads are fading or cracking, give Accu-Line a call! We are a full-service pavement lining and marking service, and we're ready to help you make your lot and roads look as good as new! Accu-Line re-stripes current lines, refreshing parking lots, fire lanes, and traffic markers.
Professional Stenciling
Accu-Line stencils company names, company logos, reserved spaces, loading zones, fire lanes, and wheel chairs. We are also up to date on the ADA codes, so we make sure all proper procedures are followed.
Seal Coating
Extend the life of your asphalt with our asphalt resurfacing services. By seal coating the asphalt, it keeps water out of the asphalt's pores, increasing durability and longevity. Depending on traffic, asphalt maintenance should be completed every 5 years.
Wheel Stops
Accu-Line delivers and sets up concrete wheel stops at your desired location. These wheel stops prevent unwanted traffic and costly damage to store fronts and parking lots.
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